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“I'm no Zofia Rydet...”

Courtesy of the artist and Lokal_30 Gallery

In my work entitled Im no Zofia Rydet …” I refer directly to Zofia Rydets Sociological Record. Rydet is definitely the patron at least in my mind, in my desire of this project.

I often think about Zofia Rydet, remember Her and admire Her extremely hard work on the Record and all other photographic series.

For now, my project is just an embryo; in the hatching phase. I havent been working on it for long. I still have many questions and doubts, but I am certainly not driven by sentimentality.

When I think about the sense or meaning of my work, when there is a need to write or talk about it, I come to the conclusion that I just like Zofia Rydet simply portray people. Who are these people portrayed by me? They are the so-called last representatives of an endangered species. Endangered, in the sense that there will never be others in their place, and most often this place wont even exist anymore.

Ewa Zarzycka, portrait of Katarzyna Józefowicz, from the series “I'm no Zofia Rydet”, courtesy of the artist

Who are these people? What do they have in common? Perhaps the fact that I know them all personally, I admire and respect them. They are all unique. I have a unique, special relationship with each of these people. Some of them I’ve known for years. These people are my universe, my microcosm. And the spaces, in which I portray them? Their flats, studios, workplaces, or other favourite places where they feel best. The spaces where they live soon wont exist. And, as I mentioned at the beginning, these people wont be there all of us wont be here soon. After all, all of us, all people, without exception, we are a dying species.

Needless to say, apart from the fact that as artists we work using various materials and substances, we also work with, above all, time. Time is the most important, essential medium. Apparently, the so-called fight against time is futile. But in this case, time helps.

I do not know where my work on I am no Zofia Rydetwill lead me, but I am certain of one thing. I remember perfectly well when Zofia Rydet said to me: Imagine our life without photography. That would be impossible we could not live without photography.And I knew that by photography she meant art.

May 2019

Ewa Zarzycka, 1st of May in Wrocław, 1977, courtesy of the artist and Lokal_30 Gallery

Ewa Zarzycka, 1st of May in Wrocław, 1977, from left: Lech Poniżnik, Andrzej Sapija, Ewa Zarzycka, Witold Liszkowski, Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz; courtesy of the artist and Lokal_30 Gallery


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